Resting in Camarillo, California.

Camarillo Buddhist Center

Much appreciation to Bhante Sutadhara and Bhante Vimala.

Resting on my way towards Oxnard this morning.

A less busy section of Ventura Boulevard.

On the Ventura Freeway bridge overlooking the Santa Clara River.

Hindu Temple Ventura County

Walking Telephone Road in Ventura.

A grove of trees next to highway 126.

Ventura hills are unusually green / colorful due to the heavy rain this year.

Meeting the Pacific Ocean again.

Greeting the morning light at Rincon Beach, California.

Walking along La Conchita Beach, California.

Leaving Carpinteria, I stumbled on the Seaside Gardens ( which contains a very nice botanical gardens.

Notice anything? There is almost no traffic noise, allowing other sounds to come into full view. This was taken walking in the early morning in Montecito.

Santa Barbara Wharf at dawn.

Made it last night to the ABMT ( in Goleta, California.

I was pretty exhausted and slept a long time last night. I will be here for a few days resting and making preparations for my next leg of the tudong.

I haven't been writing much but I hope to use this pause to share a little more of my thoughts and experiences over the next few days.

One of things that I really appreciated on this tudong is the time spent near the ocean. There is something healing about the texture and feel of the plants, rocks and sand mixing with the salt water.

Alms round often feel very alive, very unscripted. Most of the time people don't know who you are or what you're doing. So, people are sometimes stepping out of their normal routines and being genuinely curious, inquisitive, kind, generous.

Of course, there is a practical need for calories. So far on this tudong, I have been receiving plenty of food to aid me on this journey. I often feel incredibly fortunate in ways that is hard to describe.

It's rewarding being able to share bits and pieces of my experience on tudong with others.

That said...posting here, even in limited degrees, often feels clumsy and time consuming. A large part of the clumsiness is fumbling with the camera to take footage. It's time consuming to review the photos/videos, and then posting them. It feels like I'm adding an unnecessary layer to everything.

So, I'm trying to find a balance and a rhythm that makes sense. I think it's possible so I'll keep trying.

Leaving the coast, heading inland over the range.

Yesterday I took Refugio Road from the coast into Santa Ynez. There is a section closed off to vehicular traffic that is highly eroded. The road is returning to its (disorganized) home.

I wasn't feeling confident walking across this section.

Resting in Los Olivos.

It's beautiful but I'm drowning in allergies. Super itchy, nose is drooling, but beautiful.

Leaving Los Alamos...

One of the many streams in the hills of San Bernardino county.

Resting under a large tree in Waller Park, Orcutt, California.

Entering Santa Maria, California.

Birds nesting on top of the Guadalupe Jail in Guadalupe, California.

A windy day in Guadalupe, California.

(I know it has been more windy before here in Guadalupe. I'm just saying it feels windy today.)

Walking through Nipomo Regional Park in Nipomo, California.

Walking on a path towards the sand dunes in Oceano, California.

Sand dunes at the Oceano Beach in Oceano, California.

Early morning sand dunes in Oceano, California.

Pismo Beach, California.

Leaving the coast, heading inland, again.

Resting at the Crows End in San Luis Obispo, California.

Resting at the Brizziolari Creek in San Luis Obispo, California.

I entered downtown San Luis Obispo yesterday. I can announce that the pilgrimage is now 50% complete.

I do say "the" pilgrimage as opposed to "my" pilgrimage. This is not my pilgrimage.

Without the support and generosity of the hundreds of people, the pilgrimage would not be possible. But beyond the practical, it's also a shared experience, something that is not particular to any individual.

This is why I feel clear saying: this is not my pilgrimage.

Today I spoke with Ajahn Nisabho of Clear Mountain Monastery about the pilgrimage and answered a few questions.

Enjoying Brizzolara Creek in San Luis Obispo, California.

Joining a team in Santa Margarita, California.

A mist of dandelion petals while leaving Santa Margarita, California.

Speaking today with the North County White Heron Sangha in Atascadero, California.

Meet Ryan.

He joined the pilgrimage a few days ago and will be with me for an additional week. He is helping me through some difficult stretches where there is no suitable places to go for alms.

I really appreciate his company.

Leaving Templeton for Cambria.

Walking into to the outskirts of Cambria, California.

Returning to the Pacific Ocean, just outside of Cambria, California.

Walking towards Arroyo Laguna Beach outside of San Simeon, California.

We made it to Ragged Point, California.

I'll be staying at the Land of Calm Abiding for at least a few days so I won't be posting updates until Tuesday.

I feel refreshed after my time at the Land of Calm Abiding (

After much consideration, I decided to abandon the path up the central coast along Highway 1. There are many reasons, but principally:

1) the hard closure at Paul's slide near Lucia,

2) danger, to myself and others, to walk many miles of blind corners with no shoulders on Highway 1, and

3) unable to determine a reasonable way of obtaining alms before Big Sur.

Yesterday, Ryan helped me leapfrog just east of Carmel Valley where I'll now walk the last 80 or so miles of the pilgrimage.

Yesterday, Ryan departed the pilgrimage to attend to (scheduled) family matters.

Thank you for everything Ryan. I'm honoured to have had you as a trusted attendant and friend.

Yesterday morning, I walked into Carmel Valley, California.

At Monastery Beach in Carmel Highlands, California.

Lover's Point Beach in Pacific Grove, California.

Goats (and doggies).

Sand City Beach in Sand City, California.

Seaside, California.

Enjoying the company of a squirrel in Marina, California.

A (seemingly) endless road from Salinas towards Castroville, California.

Salinas River State Beach in Moss Landing, California.

Beach at Moss Landing, California.

Struve Slough in Watsonville, California.

Carmichael Trail in Aptos, California.

Resting in Capitola, California.

8 weeks ago today, the pilgrimage started from Camarillo, California. Today, it ends in Santa Cruz.

Incredible appreciation to the hundreds of people and other beings who supported this. I hope this has brought some joy and clarity to your life.