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My name is Tan Jāgaro, and I am a Buddhist Monk.


As of mid-April, 2023, I am on a traditional monastic pilgrimage to walk along the coastal areas of California.

In keeping with my monastic rules, I will only accept food that is offered that day, not use money, and sleep wherever there is availibility.

This monastic pilgrimage often called “tudong.” This is a Thai derived word for the Pāli word “dhutaṅga,” which means “austere practice.”


Tudong map


The pilgrimage will start in the Ventura county area, northwest of Los Angeles. The goal is to reach Santa Cruz, which is just south of San Francisco. I will make my way through Santa Barbara, then north through Santa Ynez, then to Orcutt, then finally to San Luis Obispo.

After San Luis Obispo, I will be joined by Ryan and go to Santa Margarita, then Atascadero, then Templeton, then Cambria and then Ragged Point. Ryan will leave the pilgrimage after going to Ragged Point.

Update: I originally planned to head up Highway 1 along the coast but that that turned out to be too difficult

After that, I will leapfrog to Carmel Valley with the assistance of a car ride. Finally, I will complete the journey by going to Monterey and then Santa Cruz.

Tan Jāgaro

Tan Jāgaro

I began Buddhist practice in 2004 as a lay person after attending a meditation retreat. Inspired by the Pāḷi Canon and more contemporary masters, my confidence in the Buddha’s teachings increased over the years.

I first visited Abhayagiri Monastery in 2012 and later practiced under Ajahn Pasanno and his community. In 2015 I went forth as a Sāmaṇera, and then in 2016 I took full Bhikkhu precepts. I left Ahayagiri in 2020 and have been traveling ever since. More recently, I have visited Suddhavāri Monastery and Empty Cloud Monastery.


People sometime ask, "what is Buddhism?"

Often what comes to my mind is a beautiful teaching by Ajahn Chah offered to one of his dying disciples.

The above was read by Ajahn Pasanno, one of Ajahn Chah's western disciples. It was recorded in 2022 at Abhayagiri. If you prefer, you can read it here.


Jāgaro's Pack

With a few exceptions, I have no planned support for this journey. I will be relying on the internal qualities of patience and determination, as well as the kindness and generosity of others.